Farm/Ranch for Sale in Speedwell, Tennessee, USA. Price: $209,000
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Farm/Ranch for Sale in Speedwell, Tennessee, USA

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Property Info
Address: Speedwell, TN 37870, United States
Living Area: 1,600 Sq. Ft.

Lot Size: 115 Acres

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2.0

Garages: N/A

Floors: 1

Home Type: Farm/Ranch

Property For: Sale

Property ID #: 21404

Residential Features: Washer and Dryer
Commercial Features: Boating
115 acre Homestead Farm
This is not a misprint you can actually buy this farm for a limited time only for only $209,000.
115 acre turn key secluded, rustic, self-sufficient homestead in a holler around 10 miles from the small town of Harrogate, TN. Owning this Farm is like having your own National Forest, except you have no restrictions, and can use the land as you see fit! Includes the following and much more!

A 100 year old 1,000 sq ft remodeled house. + 600 sq ft cabin, with solar power.+ Large barn.+ Mountain homesite with great mountain views, with its own private driveway secluded yet near a very nice blacktop road! Fruit trees.+Wood cookstove.+ 3 good gravity flow springs!
Large fenced gardens! + Creeks. + Wood lot. + Root cellar. + Lots of wildlife! + Not far from the lake. + Tends to be sheltered from bad storms, and high winds. + Wild herbs. + Third of a mile private driveway! + Several out buildings. + Peaceful and quiet. + Good neighbors. + Mineral rights. + Much more!
Main house has regular electricity and a Sun-Mar compost toilet.
The lay of the land is hilly to mountainous with plenty of semi flat land to do plenty of gardening etc! There is around 5 acres of cleared semi flat land at this time one could have more if they cleared the ridges, etc. Some of the hill-sides were cleared at one time, these ones are not overly steep.

This property is a rare find, and a great investment! Hurry it may not last much longer!

Listed by Virginia Wilder Real Estate. The phone number for the office is in the contact info. The listing number for this property is #2939. If you would like to contact the owner of the property, you can also email me anytime and I will be happy to help as well!

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Price: $209,000
Owner Info
Andrew Owner
Home Page: N/A
Phone: (276)861-2023
Fax: N/A
Total Ad Views: 387
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