Home for Sale in Nicholson, Mississippi, USA. Price: $92,200
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Home for Sale in Nicholson, Mississippi, USA

Home for Sale in Nicholson, Mississippi, USA. Price: $92,200 | N.side towards deck
Property Info
Address: 3334,36,38&40 Jackson Landing, Nicholson, MS 39466, United States
Living Area: 1,900 Sq. Ft.

Lot Size: 2 Acres

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2.0

Garages: 1

Floors: 1

Home Type: Single Family Home

Property For: Sale

Property ID #: 21274

Residential Features: Hardwood Floors
Yes, I'm serious! Everything: the updated home, the unfinished 'Swiss Chalet, an 800 SF Tool Shed and the four lots. 2.36 high & dry Acres all for 92.2K. You see my Sister passed away here and I do not wish to stay. This is 9K below appraisal and the 101.2K value didn't include the four 1/4 AC Lots.
Price: $92,200
Owner Info
George Indel
Home Page
Phone: 5048330641
Fax: N/A
Total Ad Views: 129
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