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HomeSale Wizard has been created as a straightforward free service for home buyers, sellers, agents, and builders...
We intentionally didn't limit our service to "owners only" or realtors. Everybody is welcome!

We hope our users will find most of our features easy to use and will take full advantage of them.

A majority of real estate listing sites are overwhelming with non-essential services and a lot of advertising. Not a problem with HomeSale Wizard!

Home owners will be pleased to find that they can list two properties with photos absolutely free. A property can be listed for a certain period of time or "until sold" with no limitations. If there is no activity on behalf of owner within 30 days, we'll send an e-mail reminder asking to log in to their account. This will allow us to keep only "active" properties which are really for sale or rent in our database. Inactive accounts will be deleted after 2 reminders and 60 days of inactivity.

Sellers can use many free and paid options to increase the visibility of their listings and even create an "advertising campaign". For example, our completely automated "Featured Photo" system allows you to display one or more property photos in our "Featured Photo" block on all pages of HomeSale Wizard.

Another nice feature is the possibility to see how many times your property has been seen. If photo is featured you'll see how many times it was shown and how many times visitors clicked on it. Even more - if you are not satisfied with the show/click ratio, our system will allow you to choose another photo. No need to send us images by e-mail, negotiate the price - everything is fully automated. Even your images will be resized to fit the correct parameters.

We take your privacy seriously. Your e-mail address won't be published. All inquiries will go through a mail form.

For a few "lucky owners" willing to advertise more than 2 properties, we created the "Owner Pro" marketing program. For a small fee, Owner Pro users can list an unlimited amount of properties, have more tools, and receive a discount for extra services.

Realtors will find a lot of interesting features on HomeSale Wizard!

Up to 3 properties can be listed for free. A very nice set of Marketing Tools are provided for different marketing activities.
For the most demanding Realtors, we have the Agent (Builder) Pro Marketing Program with unlimited listing, detailed statistics, instant notification service and much more... Realtors are welcome to try it for free for 30 days.

Our support team will be happy to answer all your questions.

Thank you for using HomeSale Wizard.

Q. I uploaded my "Featured Photo", signed off, and searched for my property according to the parameters of my home and the "Feature Photo" that I chose did not appear. What did I do wrong?

A. Sometimes it's a misunderstanding with word "Featured"...
Everybody who lists a property on our site can upload 6 images of each property. These images will be shown as a row of pictures on the "Property Description" page or will be shown in "slide show" mode if a photo is clicked. This service is absolutely FREE.

"Featured Photos" is PAID feature. You can choose one or several existing photos of a property and make it FEATURED on the main page of HomeSaleWizard. Actually, it will be featured on all pages - each of our pages is a "main" one.

"Featured Photos" are shown randomly. To feature any of your photos, follow these simple directions:

1. In your account, go to "My Properties". Click on the "Photos" link in the property you would like to feature.
2. On the page "Property Photos", choose an image you would like to feature and click on "Feature This Photo" link under the image.
3. It will bring you to the next page: "Feature This Photo on HomeSaleWizard.com!" You will see your image with short description. This image will be shown in "Featured Photo" block.
Choose the amount of time you would like to feature this photo.

We will activate this service within 24 hours.

Q. I uploaded my "Featured Photo". Why don't I see it in the "Featured Photos" block on the right side of the page?

A. With our "smart feature" technology, pictures you've uploaded won't show up on your page when you're logged in as the Seller of the property. Just sign off. You'll see it there! Your home will be shown quite often.

Q. I want to sell my property "by owner". How much do HomeSale Wizard services cost?

A. It's all FREE - no strings attached!
Register as an Owner and enjoy many benefits, including statistics, e-mail notification, image uploads and updating, etc. As an Owner you are limited to listing 2 properties at a time. If you need to sell or rent more, consider Owner Pro upgrade

Q. I have registered with HomeSale Wizard and can't find where should I list my property.

A. Go to "My Account" and check the status of your registration.  Chances are you registered as a Buyer.

Buyers don't have an option to list a property.
Choose an option "Register As" Owner or Agent/builder.
It will change your menu and you'll be able to list your property.

Q. I'm registered as an Agent. As I understand it, free listings are limited to 3 properties. What are the benefits of buying an "Agent Pro" marketing plan?

A. Briefly, you get:

  1. Unlimited number of properties to list.
  2. Detailed statistics.
  3. Instant e-mail/mobile phone/pager notification when a buyer indicates interest.
  4. Full personal profile with photo in our Agents searchable database.
  5. An extended presentation on each "Property Page".
  6. 20% discount on all advertising services including "Featured Homes".

Q. Do I have to register to find a property?

A. Not at all!
Registering with us will make it simple for you to contact sellers and save your search parameters and results for later access. No need to reregister to become a Seller - just change the status of your registration and you're ready to sell or rent!

Q. You are offering 4 different types of registrations.? What is the difference between them?


  1. A Registered Buyer can save searches, save listings, set up a
    notification service, and save/convert/send files.
  2. A Registered Owner (Seller) - can list 2 properties, upload up to 6
    digital images per listing, watch statistics, and set up a notification service. A
    Seller's account can work in "buyer's mode", i.e. search the database,
    save searches, listings, etc. This service is FREE.
  3. Registered Agent can list up to 3 properties FREE. However, an
    upgrade "Agent Pro" allows the listing of unlimited properties
    and many more professional features.
  4. A Registered Builder has essentially the same features available as
    a Registered Agent.

Q. What is the difference between HomeSale Wizard and other similar services?

A. To the best of our knowledge, there is no other service offers such a complete set of FREE marketing tools as HomeSaleWizard. An ordinary listing on a relatively high traffic web site would cost from $20 - $200 per month. And that's only for individual sellers, not for agents! Professional services for agents cost much more.

Q. Is HomeSaleWizard.com affiliated with any real estate companies?

No. HomeSaleWizard is a project of Rolling Thunder Systems, L.L.C. -- a Web development company. HomeSaleWizard is an informational service only. We do not represent or affiliate with any real estate organizations.

Q. How do I upload my pictures?

  • Before you upload your pictures, please note:
    Our standard for pictures is 300 px X 200 px. If you can't resize
    and/or crop the picture yourself, try to keep the width/height ratio
    as close as possible to 1.5. Even if you cannot do it, our system will
    be able to resize your image--just check the "resize" option.
  • Click "Browse" and first find the files in the directory where you
    saved your pictures. Double-click on the file. Type in a short caption
    in the description field, check the "Resize" option if necessary, and
    click the "Upload" button.
  • Please be sure that your file size is not exceeding 100K. Larger images
    will be rejected. Our system will resize and optimize your image.
  • Repeat this procedure with the rest of your photos. After the upload
    is complete, you can change the order, update or change images, make
    one or several of them "featured", delete them and more.
  • "Play" with these features until you find the best combination for
    presenting your property.

Q. How can I delete my listings?

Go to the "My Properties" page. You'll find "Delete This Listing" link.
On the next page you'll be asked to choose an option for deleting and confirmation.
Choose an appropriate one and click OK. We keep statistics of how useful our service has been. Because of this option, we and other users will know how many properties have been sold with Home Sale Wizard's help.
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